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[31 May 2024|01:40am]
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peffkitten will no longer be updated [21 May 2007|05:35pm]
It's much too late, you say,
For doing this now
We should have done it then,
Well it just goes to show
How wrong you can be!
And how you really should know
That it's never too late
To get up and...

Kick out the gloom!
Kick out the blues!
Tear out the pages with all the bad news!
Pull down the mirrors, and pull down the walls,
Tear up the stairs, and tear up the floors.

Oh just burn down the house!
Burn down the street!
Turn everything red and the dream is complete!

With the sound of your world going up in the fire
It's a perfect day to throw back your head
Kiss it all Goodbye.
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Whitby! [01 May 2007|01:46pm]
Let me just say, Whitby was so much fun! I am definitely going back in October ^_^
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[03 Apr 2007|06:37pm]
Just browsing on eBay and this caught my eye...


Nooooo, I'm not going to buy it. I would look stupid wearing something like that :P I just love how over-the-top it is. Lace! Lace! Ribbons! More lace! Where else can I put ribbons?! More! More! Let's put on ears too! Let's put LACE around them!!!!

Oh, and I've been having lots of weird dreams lately. I won't go into too much detail, but last week I dreamt I was Jesus. What the hell?! (Excuse the pun...)

Interestingly, in a lot of these weird dreams I half-wake up by the end and start to try and apply logic to the situation. So in the Jesus dream at first I accepted everything, but by the end I was thinking "hang on, this doesn't make sense - why have I got a beard?!"
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Boots for Sale! [27 Mar 2007|04:35pm]
In order to accumulate urgently needed fundage I'm going to sell some boots and clothes etc that I never wear, starting with;

Black Platform Knee High Boots - Size 6

I'm only offering them to UK bidders because trying to work out overseas postage was giving me a heacache, but I may be persuaded to offer them worldwide...

Thanks for looking, if you do xxx
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Good News! [26 Mar 2007|04:35pm]
I think I got the job \8D/
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[16 Mar 2007|03:48pm]
Dear LJ, what is wrong with you? You've crashed my browser 3 times in as many minutes.

EDIT Half an hour later... Log-in attempt number 5...
EDIT Number 6... *growls*
EDIT I just want to read my f-list! Is that too much to ask?!
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[08 Mar 2007|03:38pm]
Spotted this in wannabe_toy's LJ...
Read more...Collapse )
Awesome. I'm a horny intellectual working class punk. I scored lower on "travel" than I should have done because it had stupid sections like "which of these states have you visited," which didn't exactly apply to me. Fun quiz ^_^
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[04 Mar 2007|08:33pm]
I've just gone back and friends-locked a load of posts that were previously public. I'm trying to keep less personal stuff out in the open. I have also been considering changing LJs. I won't delete it, I just think I may need to make a fresh start.

Sorry to my f-list, who may be feeling a bit neglected. Things are very hectic at the moment.
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[26 Feb 2007|05:03pm]
This is fucking disgusting and nearly made me cry


Yeah, maybe the waitress was having a crappy day but there is NO excuse for behaving in that way. I would consider that abusive behaviour towards an NT child, let alone an autistic one.
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[20 Feb 2007|09:28pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Fucking eBay screwed me over!

No, this isn't about the previously mentioned PayPal thing...

When I listed some CDs last week, the link for one of them (HIM "Razorblade Romance") in my confirmation e-mail just took me to a page saying;

This listing () has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number.
If the listing was removed by eBay, consider it cancelled. Note: Listings that have ended more than 90 days ago will no longer appear on eBay.

So I thought, ehhh? and checked the listing for "Deep Shadows and Brilliant Hightlights" (yes, I am selling off the CD collection acquired in my adolescence) and that had exactly the same message, but everything else I put up worked fine!

I assumed that it had been removed and cancelled by eBay, as it told me to. (I thought maybe because I mentioned suicide in the listing and this violated their codes)
I tried relisting them. Razorblade Romance worked on the 3rd attempt (after re-writing to remove the suicide reference), and Deep Shadows on the 2nd attempt. In "My eBay" it said I was selling one copy of each. Ok.

So the auctions for both finished today. I am now notified, for the first time, that I had THREE auctions for Razorblade Romance running!! (Only one showed in "My eBay"!) and TWO for Deep Shadows (Again, only one in "My eBay"!!) Lucky for me, only one copy of Razorblade Romance was bid on, but unfortunately both copies of Deep Shadows went. Neither of then had been paid for over Paypal, so I don't have to sort out a refund. I e-mailed one of the winners and explained the problem to her, and opened an Unpaid Item Dispute I want her to agree to. I've e-mailed eBay and whinged at them. This reflects very badly on me as a seller!

I checked the e-mails that said "Item Sold" for Deep Shadows, and the "Item Not Sold" e-mail for Razorblade Romance x2 and guess what they link to...?

This listing () has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number.
If the listing was removed by eBay, consider it cancelled. Note: Listings that have ended more than 90 days ago will no longer appear on eBay.

What the hell went on there? My god I'm annoyed! I have 100% positive feedback and if it gets messed up because of this I will be very upset ;_;

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eBay help! [16 Feb 2007|02:23pm]
Ok, I've sold a few thinsg on eBay but I'd like some advice from experienced people...
One of the winners of my auction had 0 feedback... and her account was made in October 2002. Weird. Nearly 5 years and no bidding history? Also, the Paypal notification I got from her was suspicious. Here's why;

Subject line: All other Paypal payments I have recieved the Subject line has said "Item No: (number) - Notification of payment received" whereas this e-mail had no item number , just "Notification of payment recieved."
Graphic: The header looked authentic, but the graphic contained the line "You've recieved new funds!" which I have never seen in a Paypal e-mail before (from the UK or US)
Text: E-mails from Paypal have always said "You have an Instant Payment of (amount) (currency) from (member name)" but this one has a different phrase. It says "This email confirms that you have received a payment for (amount) (currency) from (FULL NAME) (e-mail address)
ID number: The e-mail is a "Receipt ID" which I have never seen before. It contains a number in a yellow box and then says underneath "The number above is the buyer's receipt ID for this transaction. Please retain it for your records so that you will be able to reference this transaction for customer service." What is that? I have never come across that before :/

According to my account the payment HAS gone through, but I am still suspicious, because there is so much weirdness. The address is listed as verified, however. Do verified addresses generate different e-mails...? Or is this some kind of scam? But, if the money's already in my Paypal account is there anything she can do to rip me off?

I've e-mailed her and said I won't post it until she's confirmed her address with me. Please, someone with more eBay experience, what do you think?
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[19 Jan 2007|06:21pm]
I discovered from kdelioncourt that MUCC are playing a gig in London. I don't know if I'll go, I quite like MUCC but it depends whether I can be bothered to go to London. Anyway, amusingly enough I found the gig details on http://www.theunderworldcamden.co.uk/ and they've listed them as "Visual Kai"

Exams are over! And UCAS form is submitted!

I did some painting the other day and I got blue gouache on my forehead. Guregu said I was very cute. It makes me feel good when I have inkstains and paint on my skin!
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[14 Jan 2007|06:28pm]
The Harmonizer version of "Suffer in Silence" by Apoptygma Berzerk is one of the most sublimely perfect synthpop songs in existence.

Why then, oh why, do people who remix it always cack it up so completely?

(Ladytron, I'm looking at you... And don't think you've got off, Groth - who the fuck was responsible for the "dying cow" overdub on the single version?!)
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[04 Jan 2007|05:28pm]
After an 8 and a half hour train ride, I made it back to Newcastle last night.
I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to scaryshari, lapie and jadedhazeleyes for the christmas cards I had to stomp on to get through my front door, and also special love goes out to letze_ausfahrt and flying_for_him for the electronically delivered messages XD

I'm priveliged to know you beautiful people and honoured by your friendship. The tiniest things can make the biggest difference, and your words touched my heart and made me happy.

To all of you reading this who have given me support, or help, or smiles, no matter how long I have known you and no matter how many miles away you are... I thank you too

Happy 2007 to all of you.
I wish you health and wealth and above all... peace.
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[13 Dec 2006|05:55pm]
I got upset the other day reading the Metro. They published the results of a poll to decide "hero of the year" and the readers voted in Richard Hammond. (http://www.metro.co.uk/news/article.html?in_article_id=28695&in_page_id=34)
It really, really pissed me off. This guy is a "hero" because he survived a high speed car crash? A crash that was his own bloody fault, mind you, a crash he caused by driving 300mph while filming a piece for Top Gear about how much fun driving at 300mph is. And this guy's a hero? What about the medical staff who pulled him back from the brink of death? What about the people whose organ transplant operations were put back to make space in the operating theatre for this selfish prick, who could have caused the deaths of many people by his irresponsible showing off? And, indeed, caused the death of countless others by influencing them to push their cars to higher and higher speeds, because it'll make them "real men."
What about the unknown, uncared for people who work day and night trying to help others and improve their lives? The teachers who refuse to give up on problem children, the single parents who struggle against the odds to support their family, the people who give up time and energy to help the elderly or the disabled, the doctors who work for free in poverty stricken areas, the scientists who strive to improve medicine, the campaigners who allow us to get this medecine, to get a bit more respect and dignity in our lives, the people with strongly held beliefs who play their part to make the world just that little bit more bearable.
They are heroes. Not Richard fucking Hammond.

And then a few pages later it mentioned that the two richest people in the world own 40% of the wealth, and I burst into tears.
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Attention to Detail [10 Nov 2006|01:19pm]
To those of you who love Japan... To those of you who wonder why I love Japan...
Take a look at this;

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[01 Nov 2006|06:36pm]
[ mood | angry ]

A message from my tutor about our dissertations...

Could you all please attend class on Monday Nov 6. We need to discuss within your groups overarching themes that have been identified.
I would like you to bring your critical bibliography and outline of your research document. Your bibliography should include general reading as well as any primary material.

I don't know what the fuck I am doing and my tutor isn't answering my e-mails. This is supposed to be my dissertation project, this is a third of my whole mark, and I'm completely lost and dispirited. My friends on other courses had the summer to think about their dissertations. We didn't, because they were organising something "special" for us...

Which is that our "dissertation" has to take the form of a "virtual exhibition" relating to visual culture in post-war Newcastle.

I mean... WTF is the only appropriate comment. Not only are we restricted by medium we are horribly restricted by message. I wouldn't mind so much if it was "create a virtual exhibition about a topic relevant to (British) visual culture" or even "take post-war Newcastle as your starting point and present your findings as a documentary/website/written dissertation/ any other reasonable form" but we're so straight-jacketed by this... I've tried to look at it as a fun experience and try not to get upset about it... but it's so freakin hard to get enthusiastic about this...

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[25 Oct 2006|06:49pm]
I'm spending too much on eBay... Ok I will stop now, I swear. I have some bits and pieces I need to sell so I'll concentrate on that first...

Anyway, you know how I love to have woolly hair, but it's kind of incompatible with sensible jobs and I always get fed up with it sooner or later... So obviously getting some hair falls is the sensible solution. Then I can put them in, take them out and change colour as necessary/desired. And though I do feel proud of my hand-made braids and the hours of work I put into them, I'm a fundamentally scrappy and messy person. It maskes sense to buy something made by someone naturally neat.

I bought these ones here. Could this be the start of a new spending habit? I seem to go through compulsive phases... Like when I bought 3 umbrellas in a week... I should have these by the weekend so that gives me an excuse to take some photos. Hooray!
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That's right, bitch [07 Jul 2006|03:30am]
You Should Travel to Japan

From freak sightings in Harajuku to awesome sashimi, you'll love Japan.
And who knows? You might end up on Japanese TV!
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